Dr. Courtney Paré

 Hi there! Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit more about me and my passion.
I'm Courtney! I am a licensed naturopathic doctor and holistic relationship coach with a passion for helping people create healthy relationships, with themselves and others.  After 6 years in private practice as a naturopathic doctor specializing in mental health and trauma work, I witnessed the incredible power our core beliefs have over our health, happiness, and dreams, and that in shifting our beliefs we can shift our world. 
I began incorporating relationship coaching into the work with my patients after noticing that at the crux of many people’s struggles was the relationship they had with themselves, an intimate partner, or their family of origin.
I empower motivated individuals to own their worth and desires, and deeply connect with themselves and others through living vulnerably and authentically. I utilize my holistic knowledge of homeopathy and herbal medicine combined with powerful coaching techniques to help bring my patients to a place of health, peace, knowing, and liberation.

My areas of expertise include working with adult and childhood anxiety disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, low self-esteem, troubled relationships and individuals whom are motivated to connect deeply with themselves and others, but are feeling stuck.
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