Giving Tuesday Giveaway

Official Rules 

To be entered into the contest you must do one or both of the following:


- "Like" our post on Instagram
- Follow us on Instagram
- In the comment section under our post, write something you are grateful for in your life.


- "Like" our post on Facebook
- "Like" our page on Facebook 
- In the comment section under our post, write something you are grateful for in your life.

All three steps must be completed in order to be entered into the contest.  You will get one entry after completion of all three steps on one of the two social media platforms. You may follow the three steps on both platforms for two entries. 
Giveaway is valid for new patients only. 
Giveaway is for one free month of naturopathic mental health care which includes: 
1 new patient visit
1, 20-minute plan revie w
2, 20-minute follow up visits.

The giveaway is for the cost of the visit only.  Any supplements, remedies or products recommended are NOT included in the giveaway.

Appointments may be held in person or over the phone. 

After completion of the one month of free care, any/all continued appointments will be billed at the regular office rate. Please see our Forms and Fees section for more information.
Dr. Courtney Paré reserves the right to decline service at any time if she feels she is not the best fit for your healthcare.  If requested, she will refer you to another practitioner who may be a better fit.  The giveaway is not transferable to another practitioner. 
Likewise, you have the right to stop care with Dr. Courtney Paré at any time.  Should you choose to do this prior to the completion of the one month of care, Dr. Courtney Paré and/or Natural Health Solutions of Virginia does not owe you any refund, continued care, or other compensation.
   Dr. Courtney Paré is a naturopathic doctor specializing in the holistic management of mental health concerns.  As such, you will be receiving naturopathic and homeopathic care.  Results vary on an individualized basis and desired results are not guaranteed.      
The contest ends at 11:59 pm EST on Tuesday, November 28, 2017 and the winner of the contest will be randomly selected on Wednesday, November 29, 2017.
All entries from Instagram and Facebook will be combined and one winner will be selected at random.  There will be one​ winner only. The winner will be notified on whichever social media platform they entered on.
Thank you all for the continued support!