Homeopathy for Pets

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Our pets are our family, so when one of them experiences an illness or trauma, it can be just as upsetting and frightening as when something happens to our human loved ones. Being prepared, informed, and as calm as possible will give you the best chance of not only easing your companion’s discomfort, but also, saving their life!

Homeopathy is an excellent modality to familiarize yourself with, as it can be used for almost any emergency situation that could arise with your pet. It is safe, easy to administer and fast acting – all must haves in emergency situations! It could save you a trip to the vet for minor ailments, or, make the difference between life and death en route to the emergency vet.

Courtney Paré is a licensed naturopathic doctor, expert homeopathic prescriber and animal enthusiast. Her passion for holistic healing combined with her love for animals has guided her toward uniting the two through educating people on how to safely incorporate holistic healing options into their furry friend’s life!

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