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Whether your anxiety comes up before taking a test, getting on an airplane, meeting new people, giving a speech, being left alone, looking down from a height, or seemingly “out of the blue”, it can be an unbearable, almost paralyzing, feeling.  It can be so uncomfortable that you may notice you’re even starting to get anxiety over having anxiety.
Anxiety is an apprehensive uneasiness of mind usually over a impending or anticipated ill, and is actually a healthy response from our body to protect us from forthcoming threats. However, where anxiety becomes problematic is when our mind and/or body perceives non-threatening situations as threatening and that healthy response is inappropriately triggered.    
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How one experiences anxiety is unique to them, but common symptoms can include overwhelming worry or fear, agitation, sweating, muscle tension, increased heart rate, difficulty concentrating, interrupted sleep, and digestive disturbances. Such symptoms can make it difficult to carry out daily tasks at your full potential, which is why it’s so common for people to be desperate for relief.  Anxiety medication, such as benzodiazepines, can often bring relief, and fairy quickly. However, these medications are highly addictive and, albeit brining temporary anxiety relief, also bring many side effects. Over time people tend to need a higher dosage of medication to achieve the same level of relief, and knowing they’re becoming dependent upon medication can be anxiety provoking itself.
How Do You Naturally Decrease Anxiety?

Our Approach

At Natural Health Solutions of Virginia, we recognize how intense and uncomfortable anxiety can be and we work toward eliminating the underlying cause so you can live a life where anxiety does not interfere. Our approach is to provide the body with the nourishment it needs to respond in a healthier way and, in doing so, diminish your anxiety without causing dependencies on pharmaceuticals.
Your struggle is unique to you, and your nourishment should be, too. We spend a lot of time talking about what’s going on in detail: what are your triggers, what do you feel in your body when you’re triggered, what do you do when you’re anxious, etc.  This helps us identify which homeopathic remedy fits your specific anxiety. By matching a homeopathic remedy to your individual presentation, your body starts to heal itself and you will notice your anxiety naturally fade away!
In addition to homeopathic care, other supportive therapies are considered on an individualized basis. You may be consuming too many, or too little of certain nutrients.  There may be certain aspects of your lifestyle that are acting as an obstacle to getting well. In some cases herbal or supplemental support may be helpful. Together we’ll explore all of these options and come up with a plan that is most conducive for your healing process. 
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