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   Our mission is to help create happier, healthier lives through compassion, encouragement and safe, natural support.
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Sunny Path Getting Healthy
- To spend a good chunk of time at your appointment
We never want you to feel rushed or like you only have a couple of minutes to discuss what you came in for. Initial appointments typically last 2-3 hours and follow-ups range from 30 minutes to 1 hour. This amount of time allows us the opportunity to go over all of your current and past health concerns in detail, create a plan to move forward in health and establish a strong doctor-patient relationship.
- To talk about it all
In creating a plan tailored to your unique needs, it’s important that we gather a lot of information. We’ll go over all of your symptoms in great detail, discuss past medical and/or family history, any relevant lab work and options for healing moving forward.    
- Individualized medicine
- A doctor who truly cares about you getting well
Even though many people share a common symptom or diagnosis, they don’t all require the same therapeutic support needed to get well.  With our holistic approach, we’re interested in getting to know you as a whole person, on a level deeper than surface symptoms or diagnoses.  This holistic approach allows us to focus on which type(s) of support would be most beneficial in restoring health in your individual case.
Once you walk through our door, we become very invested in your healthcare and truly want to see you get well. We spend the necessary amount of time listening to you and your needs, researching if necessary, referring where appropriate and doing all we can to support and encourage you on your wellness journey.
- To play an active role in your healing process
- To establish a clear plan with acheivable health goals
While we are extremely dedicated to helping you get well, ultimately the desire and effort required to get there must come from you. The practice of medicine works most effectively when both parties play an active role in the process.
We believe it’s important that you leave your appointment on a path toward a happier, healthier life and that you’re equipped with the tools necessary to remain on that path.  Such tools may include diet and lifestyle changes, homeopathic or supplemental support, lab recommendations or referrals, and appropriate follow up.  We strive to make sure you understand, and are on board with the support plan, and that we’ve established objective and achievable short and long term health goals that will leave you feeling empowered and healthier than ever!
- A partnership with your doctor
As with most teams and partnerships, the greater the level of communication and understanding they have, the more that can be accomplished.  The same applies to your healthcare. While we may be the experts in our field, you’re the expert on your body.  Combining the two together can help ensure you’re getting the best care for your specific needs.     
- Transparency
Our goal is to create a positive, trustworthy relationship to foster healing. We believe that having the opportunity to fully open up about your health concerns in a non-judgmental environment can have profound healing effects own its own. Therefore, it is very important that you feel comfortable and supported enough to communicate openly. We want it to feel like the right fit. If at any time it does not feel that way to you, we encourage you to let us know. Likewise, if for any reason something comes up where we feel like we’re no longer best suited to your needs we will be honest and help you find the care you need. We simply want to see you get well. Contact Us today  to schedule your FREE 15-minute consultation to see if we’re a good fit for your healthcare needs!
Holding Hands New Growth Together
    Follow up care is essential to ensure continued healing. While our ultimate goal is always for your body to heal itself and you reach a point where regular follow-ups are no longer necessary, it can take some time and a commitment to your health to get to that point.    

The frequency of follow ups varies on an individualized basis, but typically, once a month follow ups for the first 6 months of treatment can be expected for optimal healing.

As your body starts to heal and you’re feeling better, the frequency of visits needed generally decreases until you need only an occasional maintenance visit once or twice per year; or not at all!
- To feel happier and healthier 
Making yourself and your health a priority and coming up with a plan for positive changes is empowering! By taking the steps in the direction of health you’re supporting your body with what it needs to get well. Through commitment and trust in your body’s natural ability to heal, your future can be happier and healthier than you ever thought possible. Expect to feel better!