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In the words of Samuel Hahnemann, 
“The physician’s highest calling, his only calling, is to make sick people healthy – to heal, as it is termed”

First and foremost, I am a doctor.

I view being a doctor as a great privilege and responsibility, and work each day to fulfill this “highest calling”; guiding people toward healing.

However, with “health” and “healing” mean different things to each person, I believe my role is to encourage and support individuals on their own unique healing path.  In order to meet the individualized needs of each person, I consider myself much more than a doctor.

I also identify with being a:

~ Health Coach / Counselor:

I listen to your needs, guide you toward identifying your values, strengths and obstacles, and assist you in developing achievable goals and sustainable lifestyle changes.

~ Homeopath:

I collect as much information as possible about you as a whole person (not simply a diagnosis) and pay close attention to each specific detail that makes you and your concerns unique.  I then recommend a therapy that will work with your body, stimulating it to heal in a gentle, yet profound way. 

~ Teacher:

The proverb “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” sums up my thoughts on a great doctor-patient relationship. Ultimately, we are each in charge of our decisions, and therefore, our health.  I believe educating you on your condition(s) and why I’m making the recommendations I am helps allow you to make well-informed future decisions regarding your health.

~ Peer:

I’ve been there.  Many days, I am still there.  We all have mental health, and I believe my personal experience surrounding mental health conditions has fostered the deep compassion and empathy I have for individuals and families struggling with their own mental health.

~ Cheerleader:

I’m on your side!  I want to see you succeed and reach your optimal potential in health, and life. I am as equally invested in your health as you are, and whether your goal is to understand your illness, avoid or decrease medication, improve your coping skills, or decrease the extent your illness interferes with your life; I am dedicated to helping you reach your healthcare goals!

   ​ How We Are Different  ​​

Typical Healthcare Experience

Our Healthcare Experience

- Overbooking which leads to long wait times with rushed face-to-face time with your health care professional
- No back-to-back appointments booked allowing for no (or a brief) wait and ample face-to-face time with your doctor
- Referral to a different specialist for each different health concern. What I call “Compartmentalized Care”
- An individualized, whole body approach appreciating the interconnectedness between all body systems. What I call “Holistic Care”
- Target symptomatic relief
- Target underlying cause of symptoms decreasing both symptoms and susceptibility to illness
Pharmaceutical  medication as the first (and often only) line of therapy
- Natural, non-pharmaceutical options as initial intervention, with pharmaceutical medication as a "last resort", short term solution, or in combination with natural therapeutics    

- In person appointments with rigid hours; often Monday through Friday, 9 AM  to 5 PM
- Phone and video appointments available with flexible hours; including evenings and weekends

   ​  Options Are Powerful  ​​

Don’t get me wrong; I love what conventional medicine has to offer!

I also love options . . .
What works for one person does not necessarily work for the next, even if they have a similar health condition. I encourage you to explore what type of care is right for you.

It doesn’t have to be one or the other. Individualized care is key, and options are powerful!    
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